Industry Edge



Industry Edge will not only champion a productivity culture, but will also help Kenyan enterprises design and implement measures towards improving productivity and competitiveness.

Industry Edge’s approach is to support management teams come up with solutions that they own for the productivity improvements to be sustainable. Towards this, we will help management identify productivity gaps and needs on an as-is basis. We will undertake diagnostics studies to identify any setbacks to productivity improvement (including benchmarking with peers in Kenya and elsewhere) and any challenges with: product quality and certification; quality assurance; technology choices Thereafter, we will jointly develop and implement measures to enhance Productivity Improvement. At the same time, we will train and empower management and technical teams to make continuous productivity improvements.

Industry Edge will provide support on the following core issues that will help enhance competitiveness and sustainability:

The Productivity Improvement service will be offered to individual enterprises, business sector associations and government enterprises among others.

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